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BEAM Account

Institutional investors can access small business credit portfolios across a broad range of loan products.

GRID Wealth is already working with institutional funds and family offices in the USA and Ireland.

BEAM Account

Beam Accounts have a minimum deposit commitment of €3,000,000 and are best suited to high net worth and institutional investors. This type of account is serviced by a dedicated account manager and has reduced account maintenance fees.


We partner with investors to help them put their capital to work for solid returns.

1. High Yields / Low Cost

With typical gross returns of 12%, our platform-based application, loan funding, servicing, underwriting and collections processes undercut otherwise steep operational costs of servicing your loan portfolio investments.

2. Low Risk / Low Volatility

We have a robust propriety credit model and collections process. Since conception, default rates have remained permanently below 1%.

3. Reporting & Analytics

We understand that investors value data and analytics, and the GRID platform portfolio’s performance dashboard allows investors to make informed and concise decisions.

4. Liquidity 

We offer a range of investment vehicles and lending products to suit your specific liquidity objectives and requirements.

5. Loan Selection

GRID’s origination and credit team places an emphasis on quality prospecting, robust pre-qualification and a focus on borrower affordability and behaviour with our propriety credit model.

6. Impact Investing

Whether your investment strategy is lending directly or indirectly to Irish SMEs, your funds will be supporting businesses in Ireland while earning a solid return on your investment.

Product Features
Minimum Deposit€3,000,000
Typical Gross Cash Yield12%
Managed Account ServiceYes
Assets Available :
    Term LoansYes
    Cash Advance LoansYes
    Loan Notes (fixed yield)Yes
    Equity (when available)Yes
Fees and costs :
    Placement Fee0.5%
    Annual Account Administration1% of Assets under management
    Managed Account Service0.5% AUM
    Withdrawal FeesNone
LiquidityRepayments monthly,
weekly and daily
Other FeaturesDedicated Account
Partnering with GRID

GRID has originated over €50 million in small business funding needs. We give institutional investors, family offices and pension funds access to a diverse set of investment vehicles and lending products. Yields of up to 12% are achievable through GRID’s suite of portfolio and product offerings. Our GRID Wealth Team are on hand to discuss your investment objectives.

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Speak to one of our GRID Wealth Managers to find out how GRID can help you achieve your investment objectives. Our team of investment experts are committed to designing the solution that best suits you and your fund.

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How to Apply

Add funds by credit /debit card, cheque
or bank transfer.


Lend the amount and at an interest
rate that you choose.

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Trust and Security at GRID Wealth

We take security and privacy very seriously here at GRID Finance. We employ best in class practices and our site security is verified by independent security auditors


Customer funds are safely held within a central bank of Ireland regulated bank account and can never be accessed through the GRID Finance platform.

Data Security

GRID Finance are committed to ensuring that your data is secure at all times by adhering to the data protection laws (1998, 2003) and the European Union e-Privacy directive which became law in Ireland in 2011.

SSL Encryption

Your information is encrypted right from registration. We use the latest 256-bit encryption to ensure that your information is always safe.