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How Does it Work?

Irish businesses can apply for a business loan on GRID’s peer-to-business lending platform. Following a robust credit assessment undertaken by GRID’s Credit Team, the loan is made available to investors who can choose to fund either part of or the whole loan. These loans are repaid monthly, principal plus interest, to the investor. The GRID Team acts as the intermediary between both parties, facilitating not only the credit assessment of Irish businesses, but also the legally enforceable Terms and Conditions, as well as loan book management and administration throughout the term of your loan portfolio.


There are many benefits to lending on GRID’s Platform including:

1. High Returns

Peer-to-Business lending gives investors an average of 9% return depending on risk profile.

2. Immediate Returns

Investors begin earning returns within one month, and every month thereafter, for the term of the loan.

3. Diversification

Peer-to-Business lending investment performance is highly uncorrelated with stocks or bonds and can be widely diversified across industry sectors and risk profiles.

4. Liquidity of Investments

Loans are repaid monthly meaning that your investment in a 36-month loan will liquidate by 1/36th every month, made up of principal plus interest.

5. Low Risk

Since conception, there has been 0.55% defaulted loans on the GRID, with a prudent 1.5% default rate forecast over the long term.

6. Impact Investing

Lending to SMEs via peer-to-business lending allows you to support businesses in Ireland while earning a return on your investment.

Account Types


GRID’s Brick Account best suits household investors who are seeking an excellent return. This will help them build household wealth. There is no minimum deposit required and a gross cash yield of approximately 8% is achievable. You can lend on the GRID Marketplace to a broad diversity of businesses and the option to actively engage with the business owners on the GRID Platform.


A Block Account best suits medium to high net worth investors or family offices, with a minimum deposit commitment of €100,000. You’ll have access to a broad business loan portfolio and SPV investment opportunities that will generate a highly diversified yield, all serviced with a dedicated account manager.


Beam Accounts have a minimum deposit commitment of €3,000,000 and are best suited to high net worth and institutional investors. This type of account is serviced by a dedicated account manager and has reduced account maintenance fees.

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Trust and Security at GRID Wealth

We take security and privacy very seriously here at GRID Finance. We employ best in class practices and our site security is verified by independent security auditors


Customer funds are safely held within a central bank of Ireland regulated bank account and can never be accessed through the GRID Finance platform.

Data Security

GRID Finance are committed to ensuring that your data is secure at all times by adhering to the data protection laws (1998, 2003) and the European Union e-Privacy directive which became law in Ireland in 2011.

SSL Encryption

Your information is encrypted right from registration. We use the latest 256-bit encryption to ensure that your information is always safe.