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  • Introducing GRID Finance

    Learn more about our company and how the loaning process works.

Business Loans

  • How do my flexible repayments work

    How repayments work at the GRID

  • How to complete Your loan application

    How to submit your first loan application to Grid Finance

  • How to get a business loan from GRID Finance

    Apply online by completing some simple information about your business and uploading easy to access supporting documents.

  • Completing the merchant changeover process

    How to complete the merchant changeover process and download the relevant supporting information and steps

  • Renewals on the GRID

    How the renewals work on the GRID


  • How investing works on the GRID

    Learn more about our investing process and how it all works.

  • 4 Steps to start investing

    Learn more about how to get started investing on the GRID.

  • How to deposit funds on your lender account

    How to deposit funds to your GRID account

  • How to make an investment

    How you can make an investment on your lender dashboard