Our Climate Promise

GRID is a small business with a big purpose. We recognise our responsibility to all of our stakeholders and our collective responsibility to protect our environment and help it recover.

One of the key ways that we intend to do this is through our climate promise.

There are three parts to this promise:

Illustration of a laptop with a graph trending up above the laptop


As a digitally native business we have a low carbon footprint but we are committed to being Net Positive by December 31st 2022.

Illustration of a small plant sprouting with a couple of coins next to it


GRID will plant a tree for every deposit made on the GRID platform and every loan funded on the GRID platform.

Illustration of a sheet and a magnifying glass with the recycling symbol


A 1% discount for every SME who has completed an energy audit in the last 12 months.

So every customer of the GRID should know that by transacting with us they are helping to build a more climate secure world. The trees will be planted in countries most effected by Climate change through the UN's Plant the Planet initaitive which is committed to planting a trillion trees. GRID will send an annual tree planting report to its customers to outline very clearly how many trees have been planted and where. Our website will also be updated annually to reflect the number of trees planted by GRID customers.

For those SME’s who are being financed by us they will receive a tangible discount for demonstrating that they are evaluating their climate impact.